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Step by step guide on how to install ubuntu using DVD or USB

Whether you want to install standalone Ubuntu or dual boot along side windows, In this tutorial i will tell you all the necessary steps required. In my previous post i talked about basics required to use Ubuntu. I can understand that wasn’t a thorough article. But in the course of next few posts i will try to cover all the necessary basics one needs to know while using Ubuntu.

I will add images of boot process whenever necessary so that you can follow the necessary instructions with ease. This post will be about installing latest Ubuntu version i.e Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial xerus). But you can follow same steps to install any of the Ubuntu versions.

Step I : Download Latest Ubuntu


So fist preparation we will have to do in order to start installation is get the latest version Ubuntu i.e Xenial Xerus and prepare a bootable USB stick or DVD. You can download it very easily from the Download Link Here. When you will click on the link i have provided you will land on a page like below


Now you just have to click on Download button and you will be redirected to the below donation page If you wish you can donate or you can skip by clicking on not now, take me to the download link and your download will start automatically.


Now you have your .iso file ready.

Step II : Make bootable DVD or USB (For both mac and windows users)


Next thing you will have to do is make bootable DVD or USB stick.

I will guide you through all the necessary steps of making bootable DVD disk and USB/Pen drive stick.

Prerequisites :

Unlike other files you cannot simply copy iso file to dvd or usb stick and make it bootable. You need to burn the iso in order to extract useful files on the bootable device.

In order to burn ISO file on DVD you need a working DVD burner (R/W dvd drive) and a blank DVD itself. Now a days you cannot use  CD for burning Ubuntu since due to recent advancement in Ubuntu the iso file itself is of 1.4 GB of size. So when you burn this ISO on bootable device you will need at-least 2 GB of empty space. while CD don’t carry that much you will need a DVD explicitly.

There are various types of DVD’s available on the market like rewritable or the ones which you can write only once. I will suggest you to buy write once DVD since it will very cheap as compared to other and once you burn Ubuntu into it you can use it as a live Ubuntu DVD as well. If you want you can buy best DVD from SONY here(amazon link) Sony 4.7 GB 10 pack Blank dvd for 236 rs only.

Once you have empty dvd and R/w DVD drive ready you are ready to start burning Ubuntu in the disk.

First we will consider burning on windows platform and later on mac OS X.

for windows 7/8/8.1 users

Making a bootable disk is extremely easy task on windows, It is hardy two or three steps procedure.

  1. what you have to do is go the location of your ISO file, right click on it and choose “Burn disk image” option.                                  iso1
  2. Then select disk burner [which drive you want to burn in | choose DVD R drive(X:)].iso3
  3. Boom!!!! You are done!. Plus if you check “Verify disc after burning” it will check after completion that whether the disk has been burned correctly.

For Mac OS X users

  1. First thing mac users have to do is go to disk utility window. Now how to go to disk utility here it is => click on Applications -> utilities -> disk utilities done.
  2. Next thing you have to is drag and drop your ISO Ubuntu file to the left hand side pane which will show both your ISO Ubuntu file and DVD disk.
  3. Next select ISO file in the disk utilities and click on Burn button you will find on the tool-bar                                 isomac1
  4. you will be redirected to the following window now all you have to do is choose “Verify burned data” and click on Burn button at the bottom right corner and you are done.       isomac2

As you can see burning ISO into disk is extremely easy task.

How to make bootable USB stick ??

Prerequisites :

As i have said earlier in this post unlike other files you cannot simply copy and paste ISO files to stick. You will have to burn Ubuntu ISO file into stick.

In order burn Ubuntu ISO file into Stick you will need a USB stick / pen drive with minimum of 2 GB empty space into it. I will suggest you to carry a separate 8 GB USB pen drive with Ubuntu on it so that you can use it as live Ubuntu stick whenever you require. If you don’t have  one you can buy it here(amazon link) SanDisk Cruzer Blade SDCZ50-016G-135 16 GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive (287 rs) or SanDisk Cruzer Blade SDCZ50-008G-I35 8GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive (219 rs).

Once you are ready with all the prerequisites you can start burning Ubuntu ISO file into USB stick.

for windows users

For windows users it is easy to install Ubuntu ISO on USB stick using Rufus USB installer recommended by Ubuntu developers. You can download it for free from this link. Once you have downloaded Rufus USB installer successfully you can follow following procedure to burn Ubuntu ISO on USB stick.

  1. First open Rufus and select which USB device you want to choose. Choose your pendrive.              iso4
  2. Next thing you have to do is click on disk icon next to “FreeDOS” dropdown and choose your ISO file by selecting it. iso5
  3. Now click on “Yes” when it asks for syslinux software download iso6
  4. Now check “Write in ISO image mode” checkbox and click OK. And then confirm selection of USB stick by clicking on OK. and you are done.
  5. Now you can restart your computer and start using Ubuntu from the disk or to install follow further instructions.

Step III : Install Ubuntu


Now getting back to the main purpose of this post of installing Ubuntu on your desktop/laptop. As i have mentioned many times in this post this is extremely easy process. Still i will get you through all the necessary steps with required screen shots so that you wont get lost while installing Ubuntu from live (Bootable DVD or stick).

for now i will start with installation procedure using DVD and USB stick. Since many steps (almost all) are common irrespective of which bootable device you use go through following steps carefully.

1. Installation of Ubuntu using a DVD / USB stick

Installation is very easy, all you have to do is insert installation DVD/USB into computer and restart it. You will see a screen prompting welcoming you and will ask you to choose the language you desire to carry out installation with that it will give you options like “Try Ubuntu without installing” and ” Install Ubuntu from DVD/USB” [If you don’t see above mentioned page visit this link and follow the steps mentioned and restart your computer to start installation again].

Now you can choose Install Ubuntu from DVD/USB option.

Note : For those who are using USB driveMost new computers support boot from USB but in if you don’t go to the welcome Ubuntu screen where you will be asked to choose language with “Try Ubuntu” and “Install Ubuntu” Options are. And directly taken to the default operating system like windows.

Just restart your computer and keep pressing F12 key on your keyboard. You will be redirected to the boot menu inside which you will see boot options like “HDD”, “CD/DVD”, “USB drive” etc. choose “USB drive” and you are ready to go.


Here is the screen shot of first screen you will see


2. Get ready to install Ubuntu

Once you hit install Ubuntu button you will be redirected to next page Where if you are connected to Internet you can choose to “Download updates while installing Ubuntu” and/or “Install third party apps”. If not then without checking the boxes just hit continue button.

3. Important Step : Allocating drive space

Next you will be taken to the screen where you can choose how you want to install Ubuntu “Please Do not hurry and check any box and hit Install now” first read carefully what are the options and which one suites you the best. If there isn’t any other OS installed previously like if you don’t have windows installed on your computer you will find a screen like this screen shot.


so here first option gives a choice of erasing all the garbage or previous operating system(windows) on the disk and installing Ubuntu hence Those who don’t have any other OS installed on your PC and those who wants to remove windows and install Ubuntu can just select this option.

For super users [as they call it] i.e users who want to keep windows alongside Ubuntu select “Something Else” option and click on Install now

4. Start the Ubuntu Installation

Now once you have chosen your option to install Ubuntu you can begin installation. If you notice Ubuntu needs only 4.5 GB to install. i will suggest you to allocate extra 20 GB to 100 GB space for Ubuntu according to your requirement.


5. Location

If you are connected to Internet it will update automatically if not the either you can click on the map to choose you location or type name of the country in the below box and then click continue.


6. Keyboard

Now its time to choose your preferred keyboard layout. I use English UK. You can choose your preferred from huge list they have provided. [Note : there are other language keyboards as well]


7. Privacy : Enter details of login and password

After choosing keyboard layout it will ask you to enter various login details like “Your name”, “Computers name”, “User name”, and “password”. Fill all the fields carefully add it your notes so that if in case you forget it will be of help. One interesting feature here is you can choose whether you want computer to ask for password while login. [Even if you choose not to ask for password for login choose a strong password for your account since you will use that password for root/administrative purpose]


8. last step 

Now Ubuntu will start installing. While installation process is going on it will show you some tips on what is there in Ubuntu. So if you want learn a bit while installation is going on just read the slide show on the installation window.


When installation is done it will ask you restart your computer just hit “Restart Now” button and Boom!!!!!!!!! Finally you are done !!!!



So this is all it takes to installation. I have tried to include all the necessary steps which are required to install Ubuntu. If in case i have missed something please tell me in comments or through contact page. I will add your suggestion with proper credit.

If anyone still have any doubt or issue feel free to contact me i will be there to help you at any time.

I hope this small guide will help you to install Ubuntu with simplicity.

Thank you 🙂




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